Criteria for the CNS Seal of Approval

Congress of Neurological Surgeons pic

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

An alumnus of the University of Montreal, neurosurgeon Dr. Badih Adada counts with over 14 years of practice in his field. Since 2008, he has been affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida. Dr. Badih Adada belongs to several professional societies and organizations, including the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS).

Established in 1951, CNS is a non-profit organization dedicated to becoming a leader in advancing the medical subspecialty of neurosurgery through innovation and education. In order to achieve its mission, the organization actively collaborates with other organizations that share in its mission of improving the professional education of neurosurgeons. While these organizations make continuing education accessible for practitioners, it is the responsibility of CNS to ensure that these educational programs adhere to the same high standards of the programs that CNS offers.

To ensure the quality of these educational activities, CNS invites organizers to apply for the CNS Seal of Approval. CNS reviews all applications and judges them based on a set of criteria. The primary criterion for the approval of an activity is that it should serve to maintain or increase the knowledge and skills of neurosurgeons in their own practice. Although programs are evaluated based on alignment with the mission statement of CNS, they should also be unique and not conflict with any of the organization’s own products and services.

Activities that are organized for the sole purpose of making a profit will not be recognized. Moreover, the program should be conducted in either the US or Canada.


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