The Causes of Brain Aneurysms

Brain Aneurysms pic

Brain Aneurysms

Practicing in Weston, Florida, Dr. Badih Adada has performed approximately 4000 neurosurgical procedures in the past 15 years. As a practitioner with the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Badih Adada has undertaken numerous treatments for conditions such as brain aneurysms and achieved a track record of minimal complications.

Brain aneurysms occur at the junctions of the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Aneurysms involve bulging spots that emerge on the brain artery wall over a period of time as wear and tear occur. The pressure involved can ultimately cause a rupture in the vein, with blood escaping and filling the space surrounding the brain.

In many cases, brain aneurysms are completely asymptomatic, which makes them difficult to predict. More than 80 percent of aneurysms are saccular and involve a berry-shaped sac forming at the artery bifurcation.

Ruptures are rare events, with bleeding causing sudden illness and potential disability and mortality. Those who survive ruptures, often through prompt medical treatment, face a challenging, protracted healing period.


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